Little Blue Engine


Working in a rural location, where there is no electricity or running water, production's top concern was how it would find an energy supply to feed all the electronic and camera equipment that a mobile production office would consume.

Misima director Bryan Pitcher knew going in that he would need a strong power supply. Solar power was still too expensive and not up to par for this particular situation. Therefore, a generator was the next logical choice. What he didn't know, was how or where he would be able to get a generator and, if he could get one, would it be too enormous for transport to Misima Island.

Due to the recommendation of content advisor Jordan Haug, Pitcher found a place in Alotau that was selling—on special that week—the perfect candidate: Little Blue. Well, that's not what the manufacturer, Yamaha, calls it, but it's a fitting description. Little blue is, of course, small and not too heavy, holds 4 liters of zoom fuel (diesel and petroleum mix), and will run for almost 8 hours on a single tank.

Originally, the production budget had allocated a generous ration to fueling the generator. However, after the first month of using Little Blue, it became clear that it was more efficient than expected, saved production on fuel costs, and put a smile on the producer's face. Three cheers for Little Blue!