Ants In My Pants!

Behind the Scene photo by D.P.

Behind the Scene photo by D.P.

On a single day of filming on Misima Island, Bryan had red ants in his pants, a beetle on the back of his neck, a spider on his forearm, and a tiny lizard on his thigh. How did Bryan react? Well, he just blew the small ones off with his mouth and flicked the bigger ones off with his finger, without interrupting the shot.

There is a rat in the roof of the bush house. Bryan will get out of his bed at night and quietly grab the umbrella and use it to hit the roof where the rat is moving around. When it runs, you can only see the tail as it races up one of the support posts toward the pitch of the roof then scurries across another beam and disappears out through a hole at the end. Bryan asked about getting a cat but it turns out that Jordan is allergic.

It has rained the last three nights, which has been very nice because the air temperature has cooled and has made for comfortable sleeping conditions.

The assistant director has been sleeping on the veranda at the bush house. It started while Bryan was in the states on hiatus. During that time, Jordan and MM were having endless hours of language studies. So now with Bryan back in the house, MM has become a third roommate of sorts. He has been extremely helpful to both of the Dimdims. However, that said, MM has this quirk of turning on an MP3 speaker box (that Jordan gave him) at 5AM. The roosters begin to crow here around 4AM. Bryan normally get up at 6AM to begin his day, but now between the roosters crowing and MM’s recent obsession with the music box, the mornings are coming earlier than usual.

Lastly, Bryan ate his first passion fruit recently and really really liked it.