Tired But There Is Hope

Behind the Scene photo by D. Parascos

Behind the Scene photo by D. Parascos

The weather here in Liak has been more than ideal for the past two days. It's been so nice that I yelled in my mind at God, asking "Why can't it be like this more?!" The air is less humid. The breeze feels fresh. And, even though the blue sky and sun is out, it isn't hot. If anyone is thinking of taking a holiday on Misima, I highly recommend traveling in June.

My body must be getting worn out because I am just feeling more tired. I rest pretty well at night but I'm just getting fatigued. One minute I feel energetic and am working with sustained energy. Then, the next minute, I sit down to do some writing and my eyes get extremely heavy. I just want to fall asleep on the spot. I have done well, I think, with trying to keep balance in my day. However, I believe there is a cumulative affect at play and I'm just getting tired. It's 6:28am right now and I really want to grab my camera and go film DD in her garden. However, my body is saying rest. My mind rebuttals, "Rest tomorrow!" I think I'm getting a cold because l woke up with a congested nose.

Fun Facts of Life in the Bush:

I play music on my iPhone often, especially when I'm writing or cooking. Needless to say, even though I have a wide range of music with me, I have some albums from when I was young. Without sounding like a gay stereotype, I have one Bette Midler record and one Barbara Streisand record. Occasionally these artists will play when I'm in shuffle mode. Turns out MM, my assistant, really likes them. He says, "They are real nice ones." Who knew?

I've been getting a good many compliments here in the village on my traditional armlet. I was given one in Alotau and have been wearing it on my right arm ever since. It sits below the shoulder and above the bicep and is woven from a very strong grass. I am surprised at how many people have noticed it and remarked on it.