30 Days Until Departure

Photo of Bryan Pitcher's visual list making

Photo of Bryan Pitcher's visual list making

By nature there is always a long list of items to get in order before returning to Misima Island. Preparing to do another round of filming is no small task as one might imagine. In October, Misima director, Bryan Pitcher, will be returning for his third and final stay on the island. And in order to be sure that he arrives prepared for a successful shoot, he organizes production by using a colorful, visual method instead of the traditional checkbox list. He calls it "Boulders, Rocks, Pebbles."

Boulders are the highest priority and are drawn larger than the others. Rocks are the second priority and drawn smaller, while Pebbles are the third in line and are drawn smaller still. It’s not like his method is revolutionary or ground breaking or even new, but this is how Pitcher wraps his head around the smorgasbord of tasks that need to be devoured. Bryan maintains clarity and focus during his day by keeping his awareness and attention on the Boulders. No matter how hard the Pebbles want his attention! Often, these three geological siblings are quarreling about who get’s the director's time.

That said, Pitcher has colored in three Boulders this past week: 1) Production accounting and filing tax documents, 2) Upgrading the Editorial system with faster drives and more memory/RAM (in preparation to begin full time editing of the film immediately after his return in January 2017), and 3) Negotiating equipment insurance policies for the next calendar year.

Whew. It’s been a good week here in the Oakland production office. And, wherever you are and whatever you have on your checklist, we wish you success as well.

Production received a few more tax-deductible donations in the last thirty days, and we want to extend our gratitude for your continued support. During his hiatus from Misima Island, Pitcher has been editing some rough cuts of various scenes and they are looking extremely promising. We believe we are doing good work and that, in the end, you will be very proud that you have taken this project under your wing and supported it.

Thank you.