Welcome to Misima Island

Welcome to Misima Island, where I have been filming for a year and a half with the help of all my village neighbors and friends.

Believe me, I know your email is sacred. The fact you shared your email with me and want to be a part of the Misima journey means the world to me. This project is my first feature as both a Director and Producer, and all my passion and creativity are dedicated to this singular purpose.

Misima is the first film to represent the indigenous people who live there. Some say Papua New Guinea has nothing to do with them. Misima Island is so remote that their lives are rendered invisible on the global stage. But the fact is, the very device you are using to read this contains minerals like gold, which is being plundered from places like Misima. In reality, the issues these villagers face affects us all. This project is my attempt to harness the documentary platform to give Misimans a path to visibility.

Ateu owa, which means "My heart to you" in the spoken language of Panamisima.

Bryan Pitcher ,  Director & Producer

Bryan Pitcher,

Director & Producer